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Model CE-C  Direct Driven Air Cooler for 51 to 170HP Screw Compressors
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger

Product Profile
Hot Dipped Galvanized Structure                              Standard
Pre-galvanized Sheet metal                                       Standard
SA214 Steel Tubes                                                      Standard
SA106 Steel Headers                                                  Standard
Design Pressure 600psi                                            Standard
Test Pressure 900psi                                                  Standard
Welded Tube Joint                                                        Standard
Built to ASME code                                                        Standard
Four Year Tube Joint Warranty                                   Standard
Stainless Steel tubes                                                    Optional
Stainless Steel headers                                               Optional
Design Pressure 1250 psi                                           Optional
Test Pressure 1875 psi                                                Optional
ASME Code Stamp                                                         Optional
Extended Warranty                                                          Optional

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