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Welcome to SpiralX LLC

SpiralX, LLC, a Texas based company, has over a century of experience in designing, rating, costing, building, and repairing fin/fan air cooled heat exchangers. 

The principals of SPIRALX have been at the beginnings of several of the air cooled exchanger companies that are in the market today, including Air X Changers and Air Cooled Exchangers, LLC, in Oklahoma. The principles were involved in the early development of the Eads company, Houston, as well as owned and operated AIR FIN INC., which later became part of GEA Rainey.

Many of the consultants working with SPIRALX have over 30 years experience in their particular expertise, including design, manufacturing, and A.S.M.E. code certifications.  SPIRALX values retired engineers from this field, helping them stay connected and productive in these changing times.

Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Experience breeds innovation

Our first rating systems were manual, using log/log, paper systems, which evolved through the mainframe era, the personal computer era, and finally have evolved into an internet service.

SPIRALX has collected over 75 years of empirical data as well as thousands of specification sheets from numerous vendors, for natural gas, engine jacket water, ethylene glycol, lube oil, compressed air, amine, steam, as well as for several other fluids prevalent in the oil and gas industry.

Expertise ranges from 18" to 168" diameter fan units cooling engine jacket waters, natural gas, lube oils, and compressed air.  Manufacturing expertise includes A.S.M.E. Section XIII box headers, as well as slab headers.

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