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heat exchanger manufacturers
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ASME Code Stamps

Power Boilers - Section I

tube S Power Boilers
pipe A Power Boiler Assembly
welder E Electric Boilers
filler material M Miniature Boilers
pressure test PP Pressure Piping
burst test V** Power Boiler Safety Valves

Heating Boilers - Section IV

h stamp H* Cast Iron Heating Boilers
edition H Heating Boilers, other
addenda HLW Lined Potable Water Heaters
appendix HV** Heating Boilers Safety Valves

Pressure Vessels - Section VIII Division 1

interpretation U Pressure Vessels
flange UM* Miniature Vessels
loose flange UV** Pressure Vessels Safety Valves
opening UD** Pressure Vessels Rupture Discs

Pressure Vessels - Section VIII Division 2

manhole U2 Alternative Rules for Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels - Section VIII Division 3

asme code U3 High Pressure Vessels
inspection opening UV3** Safety Valves for High Pressure Vessels

Reinforced Plastic Vessels - Section X

u-stamp RP Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels

Transport Tanks - Section XII

t stamp T Transport Tanks
tv stamp TV Transport Tanks Safety Valves
td stamp TD** Transport Tanks Pressure Relief Devices

Nuclear Stamps

n stamp N Nuclear Components
npt stamp NPT Nuclear Partials
na stamp NA Nuclear Installation and Shop Assembly
nv stamp NV Nuclear Safety and Safety Relief Valves
n3 stamp N3 Storage and Transport Containment of  Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Certificates of Accreditation

  NS Nuclear Supports
  QSC Material Organization

National Board Inspection Code

  R Repair and Alteration
  VR Repair of Safety Valves

  Components not subject to Authorized Inspection, annual audit by the AIA
** Components not subject to Authorized Inspection, triennial audit by ASME


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