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ASME Section VIII Division XIII Manufacturing Center

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Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Air cooled Heat Exchanger

Can an air cooler really be GREEN?
Claims of GREEN products require reduced CO2 emissions in the manufacture and operation of the product.  SpiralX air coolers meet these requirements.
The welding and power consumption used in the manufacturing process of SpiralX air coolers is only a fraction of that used in air cooler fabrication by the rest of the air cooler industry.
Further, an examination of the SpiralX electric driven fan product line shows it also meets these requirements. Where the air cooler industry has utilized large fans running 24/7 consuming maximum power all year long, SpiralX electric driven air coolers use multiple direct connected small fans, many of which can be turned off except for a few hours in the afternoons of June, July, and August.

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