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Air cooled Heat Exchanger

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Welcome to SpiralX LLC
SpiralX LLC utilizes state-of-the-art technology to dramatically improve heat transfer performance in air coolers.  The SpiralX patented tube technology significantly improves the heat transfer characteristics on both inside and outside the tubes.  Inside the tubes, fluid flow is energized to greatly increase the transfer of fluid heat to the inside of the tube wall.  Outside of the finned tube, air velocity is increased by a reduction in the number of tube rows allowing for higher fan air velocity further improving thermal performance.
SpiralX technology results in reduced sizes, lower costs, reduced lead times and immediate availability of inventories on many ASME after coolers and screw compressor coolers with lube oil and gas after coolers. 
Air cooled Heat Exchanger

Electric Drive C Model

Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Direct Drive C Model
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Optional Stainless Steel
Air cooled Heat Exchanger
Electric Drive H Model
  • Striving to set the bar as an earth-friendly company
  • Excited about our energy efficient systems allowing us to pass the savings on to you.
  • Energy efficient air coolers helping your company be earth friendly and save electricity.

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